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My Sister is my Best Friend

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Not Today... No Hoy

So I've been in one of those somewhat lacking motivation, too tired to think about it or worry, and not gonna deal with anybody's bullsh*t type of mood... at a point. I feel like I still haven't recovered from last semester and the new one is about to begin.. next week, I think (Well, the administrator I spoke with linked to the Faculty was not sure. That's what I'm paying my tuition for by the way, for the administrators not to be sure). Oh! not to mention for some reason my cell pone has not had service since early this morning *insert the other Network Name here*, maybe I'll tag you in this post and kindly ask you if I'm required to pay my bill since this nonsense has been occurring since last year.

I won't lie, I had this plan in my head to make this a chirpy corny entry about mushy stuff and maybe mention a few names and then... Life happened... and as I continue this syntactic vomit I begin to feel relieved. Maybe this was what I needed all along.…

Cheating..... Engañando

I know, I know. it's a little bit too early in the year to be discussing all this negativity about "Cheating", tell me about it *rolls eyes*. But I think this is something all of us have had to face at one point or the other,  in same way, shape or form. Don't get me wrong now, as the Trini's say "ah horn is ah horn only if yuh take it on", right? No.... smh.

Now, this is in no way me bashing anyone or judging anyone (although men have tendencies to cheat  more than women), No, I'm not bashing any particular sex.... men.... But I'm just saying we tend to find more women crying their eyes out over some no good, low down, inadequate vocabulary speaking type of man. Girrrrllllll, wipe those tears! you don't deserve him!

Maybe I'm associating with the wrong people but based on my past discussions, I've been told that men cheat for no reason at all and according to men, women cheat for "a reason". But how do we examine the femal…

My year in review....

How are you all doing? It's going to be a bit difficult writing up this post because I'm using my Huawei cell phone and not my laptop. Something inside me said "it's not okay, just put one more to end the year off". I had to, I could not help it. I even paused Justice League to do this.

The last day of 2017 is upon us and coming to an end. This year God has been soo good to me. I mention Him or have been mentioning him a lot lately in my previous posts and it's true. When something good is happening, you just can't help but to talk about it or share the good news with good people who would only like nothing but the best for you. And I the same, I would only hope that whoever is reading this receives the same blessings that I have been given and more, now can I get an " Amen!!".

By now, you might be wondering what are those blessings and truth and in fact, they are the simple things. Simple things such as Life, Health, Strength, Wisdom, Lessons L…

Rejection.... Rechazo

So this was going to be a longgggg Blog Entry about how I got denied the U.S Visa today because "home girl" Officer thought I wanted to leave my Country and migrate to the U.S.A... Just so y'all know - I DON'T- and I Love my Country.. I really just wanted to do that for me because I work so hard and I thought, "Why not the States?" after all, everything's somewhat cheaper over there and I could've even brought some items back home to resell... But anyway, How are you'll doing by the way? I hope everyone is having a very special and relaxing Christmas season and for those of you who don't celebrate Christmas, I hope your days are as peaceful as the deep blue sea on a calm breezy night.

I won't lie, today after returning from the embassy to work, I couldn't get my mind off of that, literally two minute interview, where your entry into the country is based upon the discretion or assumption of another individual who knows completely noth…

I asked Him for a sign... Le pedí una señal

He would usually talk to her through his actions... after all, actions speak louder than words, right?
She would always allow herself to be blinded by broken promises.. emptiness.. 
sweet-nothingness filled her heart because, well, Love is Blind, right?

The thing about passion is that it can be driven either by love or hate, "any powerful compelling emotion or feeling as love or hate". 
"Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it/for it determines the course of your life"...

Was the proverb she lived by as it taught her things about herself she never knew but still she needed a sign... A sign that seemed to be transparent because of the toxic layers covering her eyes.
"Please show me something Lord, if this isn't for me..." 
Lost in her silent thoughts that eventually turned into a mantra.... Besos!!😘😘


Life continues to teach me that people change within the blink of an eye. The word "friend" is a bit overrated and there are still good people living among us, in this cruel and harsh paradise. Life continues to teach me that it's never too late to accomplish your goals e.g. President Trump (it also taught me that anything is possible, the latter as an example).
In this life, I would hope to be a blessing to someone who has come into my life and been a blessing for me. Being our neighbour's keeper means so much more than the words literally spoken. It means to care, to love, to protect and to be a safe haven for someone who may be in dire need of all these things and more. How can I be my neighbour's keeper? 
In the midst of that silver lining life has me questioning myself; What was I not comprehending before? Still, why me? We all do it right? Question our abilities, our actions, our decisions, our mistakes....
It has taught me to do something until it becomes …