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Lovers and Friends.. Amantes y Amigos

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Thank Him... Dale Gracias

I thought about making this a "vent about my day" type of blog entry but I really reconsidered. I don't want to relive or think about my day today. Although I'm thankful, it was a gift given by God it's just that "people" spoil the simple lovely things. Not that I was even surprised by anything that transpired or rather much "said" today but it is amazing how people show their true colours or thoughts about you when they're under pressure... so thank God for that..

Trust me you thank Him when he reveals certain things to you and not get weary over them, they're worthless compared to the greatness that he has in store for you. The things he is preparing you for are nothing compared to the people that are trying to pull you down, they are actually equipment he uses to make you stronger. You see, you don't know it, until you make it out of the situation. Then when you get out of the situation you look back and say, "Thank You&quo…


I was shaken up by the unusual occurrences happening all over the world today.. some good and some bad. Some were miracles and some were mishaps. People laughed, people cried. Everyone going through something that no other one person might have an idea about. Then I looked at what was happening in my own life and realised... it's just the same but the way things were occurring was a bit different.

My mother always said, "show me someone who has their life together and I'll show you a liar", my point is, in a nutshell, nobody is perfect. We all deal with some bullshit tantamount to our neighbours who puts a smile on for us when we see them in the morning but are secretly dealing with domestic violence issues behind closed doors. More so, we judge the girl who is promiscuous but is ignorant to the fact that she was sexually abused and belittled by people who were supposed to protect her.

According to Charles R. Swindoll "Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how…

Permissible Bondage.... Esclavitud permisible

No phones tonight, please, take off the light We take full flight well into the night Just us no Tv.. no fights The road is long, but, we have all night.

I want to explore.. your secret garden The path's not easy but my anxiety hardens Give me the keys, to the depths of your soul I want to run, but I can't let go.

You scream at me, for all good reason I let you go and then you're sadden Make up your mind, I'm far behind "Everything... happens for a reason".

The time has come, when we become one No time to tense, no time to stress Can't 'back out' now, I won't let go This bond is deep, our feelings grow.

Can't wait to blossom into anew This love is rare, just right for two I can't let go, there is no stoppage This bond is deep, permissible bondage.

Not the Regular.. Let's Talk about Life... Vamos a hablar de la vida

No, it's not the regular posting because this time I have absolutely no idea of what I want to write. I feel impregnated by my thoughts and I know I want to write something but I just can't put my finger on it. So, while I multitask (on the phone with my sister) I'll just let my random thoughts flow into... *screams at my sister for good reason*... facepalm.. I swear it's like all of you are trying to give me a cardiac arrest or something (God forbid)...

Sigh *frustrated sigh* I really should be studying for an exam I have to pass tomorrow, but my mind is not on 'focus' it's actually... not on focus. So to all my 'Trini' people, how was your day? I'll start; I almost got knocked down this morning (again) from a car that actually was in traffic by the Traffic Lights in my community (those who know where I live, know exactly where I'm talking about). A homeless man stripped naked and had all his equipment 'dangling' which eventually ha…

Let's talk about Hiking.. Hablemos de Senderismo

On this day last Sunday, it was so unfortunate that I had to miss the commencement of what had been a full, packed day of a Hiking Adventure with the only team I hike with, here in Trinidad and Tobago (Fitnett Elite). Besides the rhythm of Carnival and the nights full with people on 'the Avenue', sometimes we look forward to feeling that cool breeze brushing against our skin, high up on the Mountains or within the ambiance of the forested areas that makes the trail towards the Hike destination.

Maracas Waterfall, St. Joseph

With a full hiking calendar all year, rest assured all the nature lovers are going to be elated that they can experience the energy and safety that this group offers. Made up of very intelligent and driven young men and women, they provide you with the comfort and warmth that you may need to feel "at home" on their trips.

The group is interactive, energy driven, and FUN!!!! It's more than just a Hike, it's an Experience!
Closing Note: Have …

Esoteric... esotérico

"Good night Babe", she told him as she kissed him on his forehead. They normally would cuddle each other to sleep but tonight she had to finish meal preparations for breakfast in the morning as they would both have a busy and long day ahead, she wanted an early start. She slowly made her way downstairs to the kitchen in her long, see-through satin night gown, clad only in her laced undergarments. It was his favorite one.

As she was almost finished meal prepping, she felt a presence within the room, eyes glaring at her, the atmosphere.. different. She slowly made her way to the other side of the kitchen and carefully pulled out a knife from the holder. She went to the refrigerator and took two bananas out, peeled them and slowly began to cut them slice by slice, one by one, in a slow seductive manner.

"Slower", he said to her as she was almost finished with the last one. "If i go any slower we'll be here all night.... and shhhh..careful not to wake him up, …